Published 20. 4. 2015

IKEA, the new occupier of Ostrava Business Park

Contera Management has completed the development of a new IKEA Czech Republic dispatch warehouse with a total area of approximately 4,500 square metres as part of a new phase of the Ostrava Business Park in Ostrava-Kuncicky. The off-site dispatch warehouse has opened on Wednesday 15 April. Cushman & Wakefield’s Industrial Team helped with the search for a suitable facility and organised a developers tender.

“IKEA Czech Republic needed a modern warehouse reasonably close to their department store. The location and the build-to-suit option offered by Contera met all technological and timing requirements. This is the first off-site dispatch warehouse for IKEA’s department store in Ostrava”, says Laurent Jechoux, Senior Consultant for Cushman & Wakefield’s Industrial Team.

With the store, Contera is continuing the development of the Park and revitalising a former brownfield area. Ostrava Business Park currently has 21,000 square metres of developed areas and allows for the development of an additional 40,000 square metres.

Dušan Kastl, Partner/Project Development Manager, Contera, says: “Ostrava-Kuncicky has been transformed radically with the Ostrava Business Park project. What used to be a neglected brownfield site is changing, especially thanks to clients such as IKEA Czech Republic who are giving it an opportunity for further development. We will welcome a few more new clients this year. The development of at least an additional 15,000 square metres, already covered by pre-leases, will start in the second quarter of 2015”.

Based in Sweden, IKEA has four department stores and is currently operating three dispatch warehouses in the Czech Republic.

“We at IKEA constantly strive to improve customer service. The new dispatch warehouse will greatly improve the availability of our products and home solutions as well as the comfort of shopping”, says Lubomír Zákopčan, IKEA Ostrava Store Manager, adding: “This is the greatest extension of our store since its opening in 2001. It involves a total investment of several tens of millions of Czech crowns on IKEA’s part”.

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